Стихотворение Шелли Перси Биши
«Song for Tasso»

"Song for Tasso"

I loved - alas! Our life is love;
But when we cease to breathe and move,
I do suppose love ceases too.
I thought, but not as now I do,
Keen thoughts and bright of linked lore,
Of all that men had thought before,
And all that Nature shows, and more.
And still I love, and still I think,
But strangely, for my heart can drink
The dregs of such despair, and live,
And love;
And if I think, my thoughts come fast;
I mix the present with the past,
And each seems uglier than the last.
Sometimes I see before me flee
A silver spirit's form, like thee,
O Leonora, and I sit
[ ] still watching it,
till by the grated casement's ledge
it fades, with such a sigh, as sedge
breathes o'er the breezy streemlet's edge.

Стихотворение Шелли Перси Биши - Song for Tasso

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